CDF Registry

This is a way for us to collect the living history of CDF / Cal Fire. Well, what is the living history of Cal Fire? It’s the firefighters of many years past, those here now and those yet to respond to the many rescues, traffic accidents and brush fires that Cal fire has been routinely handling for many years. But most importantly, it’s the people who everyday rush into harm’s way to serve the needs of the citizens of this great State. Those calls, those rescues, the responses have only a few stories been recorded, written down as simply a call time, a response time and a return to quarters. There’s a lot to be told about the sacrifices and risks taken by each member of the CDF/Cal Fire Team.

We are currently engaged in the recovery of many of these records, but the best part of the information is held by the firefighters who made that history. We are asking you to provide the best memory of these experiences, responses and hard-fought campaigns here in this media where they can be shared and preserved. Many of the memories have already passed away. If you have a recollection of those who have gone before, we would encourage you to provide us with the info, so we can include it.

Please look at the sample located on the Calfiremuseum Website to help organize your submission.

Start by collecting 2 pictures, one from your youth, and one that isn’t. Begin by signing up on the new record link. The email address you provide will be the means for you to login and edit your submission. A few of us are not that computer literate! This is not that kind of test, send us an email and we can assist in editing your record for inclusion into the Registry. I hope that we have provided enough information with each step, but here is a review of how this should work. DON’T FORGET, your Picture.

You need one when you were a young and spry beginner, and another when your mature and experienced. (That was a nice way of saying that)

A NOTE ABOUT THE PICTURES: If you run into a problem just attach your pictures to an email and send them to the WEBMASTER. We will format and post them for you!

1. Submit your Email Address, First Name and Last Name on the Form Provided. To prevent mechanical spam entries there is a math problem to answer to complete this step.
2. You will receive an email at the address you provided that will have an Internet Link that will bring open an Internet Browser window with the Form for editing your record. When done click the save button at bottom of Form.
3. When you submit your form, the site admin will get notice, and will approve it for public display. This is to insure we are not spammed.
4. There is a space at the bottom of the form where you can leave a private message for the admin, or you can just send us an email, just use the same email that you used on the submission form, so we can locate your record.
5. There is a space on the form for the year that you started with CDF and a space for your retirement year. Not retired yet, leave that space blank and bring us up to date where you are now, we plan on being here for a while. The most entertaining part of the whole process is the youthful picture and the picture at the conclusion of your active career.

First NameLast NameNicknameYear StartedYear Retired
William Buchko Bill 1964 2003
William Harrington Bill 1957 1997
William Todd Gary 1950 1986
Tommie MobleyTom 1975 2000
Timothy Chavez
Thomas BertschMichael 1976 1988
Thomas Andreas Tom 1960 1995
Terry Pittman1995 12/30/2012
Taylor WrightWright 2013
StevenNettleton 1980
SpankyBratton Spanky19702009
RussRussellThe Ranch Master1964 2005
RoySprague1974 2007
RobertRobeson Bob19601999
RobertMartinesBob1964 2001
PhilTerry"Beaky"1968 1999
PeteGonzalesPete1974 2008
MichaelSweeneyMike1986 Active Member
michaelfernandezferd1966 2000 /2009
KarlNiemeyernemo1973 1980
JonMills1974 2010
JohnGruber1973 2006
JohnMcLaughlinJohn1972 City of Beaumont; 1978 CDF via contract 2001
JohnLivermore 1981 2011
JerryGloverJerry1956 1987
JeffHawkins1977 2006
JeanLaClair1974 2006
JamesHessler N/A 07/04/1957 1995
HenryVanderLeestRadio Tech1982 2013
GlenNewman1961 Dec 30, 2001