Reference Texts

Reference texts

Communiqué Collection

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Annual Reports

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Firefighting Aircraft

1986 Wildland Firefighting

1981 ICS-120

1981 Fire Control Handbook – 5600

The California Division of Forestry in 1957

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1957 Clar’s “Brief History of the CDF”

1954 Principles of Forest Fire Management

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1952 Forest Fire Fighting Fundamentals

  • The first jointly produced industry-standard training manual written by and for Wildland Firefighters. Created in 1952 to address the need for resource material to train new firefighters, volunteers, pick-up labor and other emergency-hire firefighter crews, who could assist in times of need. Click Here to view

1950 Water vs Fire

California State Forestry Labor Camps 1931/32

  • Booklet describing experience of running labor camps in Madera in 1931/32, written by SFR Walt Winters in 1968 and published by CDF in 1973. Digital version by Golden Gate University.

1933 Emergency Conservation Work

  • Trifold brochure from 1933 on the benefits of the Emergency Conservation Work Program.