District VI / SAO / South Ops

In the last few weeks, we have been working with staff at the Mulberry street offices to help clean out their attic of historical documents and other items in preparation for their big move to the new South Ops site. (Hopefully later this Spring). Many thanks to Shane Porter, Jan Newman, and Shayne Canady for assistance with prep for the move. New items added to the Museum’s collection include a variety of SRA and DPA maps from the 70s, 80s and 90s; a set of Ortho-photo maps in 1:24K quads of the entire Southern California region from about 1975; a variety of photos and biographical material from past Region Chiefs and Mulberry Street staff; and a variety of other historical documents and photos from the 50s until the present.

old map cases in the attic

Next week, we have a move planned for the map drawers, some of which will be immediately put to use in our current facility and some of which will be stored for future use. After the remainder of the items are inventoried, and moved, we hope to be able to organize the items we received for eventual viewing and use. (or digitization!) As always, any helping hands for inventory of materials, data-entry into our museum catalog, building a sturdy base for the map drawers, moving file cabinets and display cases to make room, or eventual re-organization of the items for use is always needed and appreciated! And Special Thanks to the personnel at South Ops who recognized the need for preservation of our past (even the recent past) while continuing the modernization of our Department and the continuation of its mission.

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