CDF Model #5 Engine

The CDF Model #5 engine was the workhorse of the fleet for many years. With 4WD capability a 300GPM pump and 85GPM auxiliary pump, it enabled the driver to pump-and-roll either with a firefighting crew on foot, or while seated in the rear crew compartment. Equipped with a 500 gallon tank, a minimum of 1300 of 1.5″ hose, 800 feet of 1″ hose, 2 hose reels and a complement of handtools, and a bumper mounted winch, it defined the basis for the Type 3 engine in California wildland firefighting.

Modifications in later years added additional storage boxes along the top of the body for additional gear and equipment such as breathing apparatus, a three section extension ladder, medical supplies and other personal gear required for long-term assignments away from home. It carried 2 passengers inside the cab while an additional 4 firefighters could sit in the jumpseat area on the back. While the crew riding in the back could be protected by reflective flame-resistant blankets stored in rollers on the sides, it was eventually determined to convert the fleet to crew-cab seating to protect all crew members inside the cab.

photo by Brandy Carlos, 2015

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