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This is an Introductory list of the books and documents that have been cataloged so far at the CDF/Cal Fire Museum. So many generous donations of this historical reference material has come in from a variety of donors over the years, we have not been able to inventory and assemble them all into a collection until now. There are many more yet to be added from materials in storage and donations we haven’t inventoried, it won’t be long until we can gather a complete collection. Even this early, it’s quite a collection! Stay tuned for updated listings – and contact us if you have a reference need.

Biennial Report of the California State Board of Forestry:
2nd – 1887
3rd – 1890
4th – 1892
Biennial Report of the State Forester of California:
3rd – 1910
4th – 1912
5th – 1914
6th – 1916
7th – 1918
8th – 1921
California State Board of Forestry Instructions to State Rangers, 1924
President Roosevelt’s Emergency Conservation Work Program, 1933
Annual Report:
Forest Fire Summary, 1937
Newsletter, California Division of Forestry, 1941 – 1944
State Forestry Activities, 1945
Newsletter, California Division of Forestry, 1944 – 1947
Newsletter, California Division of Forestry, 1948 – 1950
Fire Statistics for 1948 Activities
Fire Statistics for 1949 Activities
Forest Fire Report, 1952
Forest Fire Report, 1953
Newsletter, California Division of Forestry, 1954 – 1956
California Division of Forestry in 1957
Brief History of the California Division of Forestry, C. R. Clar, 1957
Story behind the Organized Forest Fire Suppression Crew, C.R. Clar,
Forest Fire Report:
Newsletter, California Division of Forestry, 1957 – 1968
Conservation Camp Program, annual report 1959
Fighting Forest Fires with Air Tankers, 1958-59
Conservation Camp Program, annual report 1961 – 1968
The State Forester’s Report, 1958 – 1969
The State Forester’s Report, 1971- 1972
Wild land Activity Statistics, 1944 – 1978

We also have a complete collection of all Communique issues published from 1972 through it’s complete run, Multiple copies of the 1190/1191 manuals and other training materials, Several copies of Clar’s books and many Unit and County annual reports.

For the Future:

In addition, we have a collection of “green books” going back many years. The Mobile Equipment Management Procedures HB 6700 says, “The Vehicle Operation and Maintenance Guide was developed for the use of operators of particular automotive equipment. The directives contained in the pamphlet were historically put in a compact 8 ½” X 5 ½” format and distinctively colored green. Over the years, fire apparatus has become more complex to the point that the compact 8 ½” X 5 ½” format is no longer practical. Beginning with the 2008 model year, the Model 34 format changed to 8 ½” X 11” white binders that includes a digital copy on compact disc.” The Cal Fire website states that the Cal Fire fleet moved to the 4WD Model #14 in 1990 – 29 years ago. As time marches on… the Model #34 engine has been in the fleet long enough that they are now close to being considered for reserves or retirement, there are very few Model 14s or 15s left in the field. The Museum does not have any copies of the white binder “green books” for the model 34 engines, and we have fewer starting with the 14/15s… Please keep us in mind for donations as these materials turn from Today’s News to Tomorrow’s Trash. We’d like to take care of them until they become the gold of Yester-year.

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